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Honza Řeháček is a 31yrs old Czech photo/videographer, content creator, and life dreamer based in the Czech Republic, Europe.

My passion for photography starts up at the end of 2014.  I experienced one of the most beautiful trips to the mountains that completely changed my view of life, at that time. The desire to experience unique moments of nature, peace of mind let me get my dream four-legged partner for adventure life - Sitka. 

For over eight years, we've been discovering the beauty of nature together, and I've been trying to capture my emotions through the lens.

I also use a simple concept of capturing the moment, emotions, nature, street, and so on client photography. I work as a content creator for campaigns and social networks of clients, which I deal with each client individually and tailor-made.

Photo by Petr Hricko


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since June 2022 - now

I work as a content creator, videomaker and post and visual planner for Instagram, FB and online campaigns.

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since 2018

I really love the way that Samsung goes with cameras in the Galaxy series. Internet content cameras on a higher-level every new year!

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since 2016

First client where I started work as a content creator for social media.

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since 2017 - 2020

Such a heart project for several years! Helping with tourism through social media and co-operate with marketing team.

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since  April 2019-May 2020

I work as a content creator, videomaker and post and visual planner for Instagram, FB and online campaigns.

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since 2017

I worked as the content creator and cooperate on online marketing with WOODENLAND, Libercký kraj, MATYMOVES, QUEENS and many others

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