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Kopernikk & Sitka Adventure photostory book 2014 - 2022

Kopernikk & Sitka Adventure photo 2014 - 2022

Would you guess, what is behind the scenes of the story about Kopernikk and his best friend Sitka? A unique storytelling which presents the author and the photographer Honza Řeháček. He wrapped the story into the book which was published in honor of the eight year anniversary of friendship with his dog's buddy. It serves also as a closure of one chapter in their life.

Unique limited edition

The book boards are covered with special recycled paper. The dark spine of the book symbolizes Sitka’s back, and thanks to the recycled paper material, over time your book will acquire its unique patina, which symbolizes Sitka’s fur. 


The cover of the book consists of a 3D logo and a date stamp to enhance the tactile enjoyment. 



The story is divided into six chapters and it is accompanied by more than 120 photos on 176 pages.  A4 book size.

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They reveal their journey accompanied by the most famous photos, well known globally. Even if their path was not always smooth, also thanks to that, the story is inspirational and emotional. It will entertain you aesthetically, but mostly from the human aspect. Honza dreamed the book, designed, wrote and also photographed images. He chose the nicest possible way to celebrate a special bond between Sitka and Kopernikk.


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